Let’s just be honest. We all love a good dad joke. Don’t lie! Everyone loves them. Sure, you might cringe a little bit. But deep down, we all want to let out a little chuckle. Dad jokes are the best because they’re usually an obvious play on words or some top notch pun work. But better than the content is the expression on dad’s face after he makes the joke. (If he managed to get to the end of the joke without laughing first, of course.) No one is more proud of a dad joke than the dad who made the joke in the first place. Dads are just so proud of themselves! They don’t need anyone else to tell them they’re funny; they already know they’re hilarious! They’re basically just telling their joke out loud so they can have the chance to laugh at it again. And that’s the best thing about dads. They don’t care who else is laughing because they’re still going to have a good time no matter what.