Following Ronda Rousey’s first professional UFC loss almost a year ago, fans were torn on what to think. Those who loved Ronda were absolutely floored by the defeat while those who despised Ronda paraded the streets and set cars on fire. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but seriously, those who disliked Rousey were pretty happy and showed their enthusiasm via Twitter and Instagram with countless posts poking fun at the former champ.

Finally, after more than a year long hiatus, Rousey is officially ready to return and compete for the UFC Women’s Bantam Championship at UFC 207 in December. Fans remain split on the potential outcome, as some believe she is destined to climb back to the top, while others would rather see the former champ fall down a little more.

Today, we cater to the haters (hey, that rhymes) and show some of the worst Ronda Rousey pictures ever seen on the internet. Without further ado let us begin, as here are 18 shocking photos Ronda Rousey doesn’t want people to see, enjoy!