A goat was born on May 10 with one eye, in the north-east of India, in the state of Assam and has baffled everyone since then. The goat is black and does not have eyelashes or eyelids. Also, there is no true nose. Sadly, the goat is blind due to improper formation of optical nerves. It is being referred to as the CYCLOPS because, in Greek and Roman mythologies, cyclops was a giant creature with a single eye in the center of the forehead. Also, cyclops actually means “round-eyed” or “circle-eyed”.
The goat has cyclopia, a condition when the left and right parts of the brain do not separate. There had been predictions from the veterinarians of the village in Assam, India that the goat will not survive and will soon die. But, the goat has defied all and is still alive. It is definitely going to lead a tuff life, because of the complications it is born with.